"Greengrass" Folk•Celtic•Bluegrass 
from Denver & Boulder, Colorado

Wild Mountain, a folk-rock - Celtic - Bluegrass band out of Denver and Boulder, Colorado, deliver an acoustic-based Americana/Celtic/Bluegrass sound that touches a lot of stylistic bases, from folk to Celtic-Irish to American heartland Bluegrass to rock, all with interesting rhythmic and melodic twists and turns.

The band had its beginnings in January 2016 when after 18 years Celtic rock band The Indulgers came to an end and multi - instrumentalist Mike Nile and violinist Renee Fine found themselves looking to start a new band combining the Irish/Celtic music they had been playing with Americana/Bluegrass/folk music.

Mike and Renee met David Potter, a bluegrass banjo player/guitarist and vocalist that had relocated to Colorado from Florida at a friend’s pub, where the three jammed together and immediately struck up a musical relationship. Mike was in the recording studio producing a video/song for The Rocky Mountain Celts, (a 23 piece Celtic orchestra comprised of five local Irish bands), called "Wild Gypsy Rover" and asked David to come into the studio and record banjo on the song. Sarah Jones, lead vocalist for the vocal group Celtic Friends was singing lead vocals with the orchestra on "Wild Gypsy Rover" and after David added banjo to the song, it was decided the "melding" of the two genres definitely worked. Mike followed up with the song "White And Black" and brought Sarah and David back into the studio. The combination of genres worked once again, and both Sarah and David agreed to join Wild Mountain.

A musician friend recommended veteran bassist Dave Sweeney as a possible bass player. Dave had played with several Colorado Irish/Celtic bands. When Dave broke out his electric upright bass he was deemed a perfect fit for Wild Mountain. The newest addition to the band is drummer, Andy Maroney. 

Wild Mountain started rehearsing and working on their first album and video and are now performing. The band calls their new style of music "Greengrass" music.