Americana "whatever that means"
from Laramie, Wyoming

Hillery Lynn has been playing guitar, singing and writing songs most of her life. Her unique, smoky twang is a beautiful counter to her softly complex guitar playing and the perfect showcase for her quirky original songs and subtle readings of American traditional folk tunes. Birgit Burke has been writing songs, singing, and playing various musical instruments most of her life as well. Her voice ranges from a broken alcoholic snarl to ethereal plea, while her songwriting, guitar and mandolin playing lift elements from 1920’s blues, old-time and Irish traditional fiddle tunes, Appalachian folk and country western.

Both women grew up singing with their sisters and the family harmony influences are clear. McKay Fleck joins on upright bass, grounding the songs with solid rhythm and inventive riff work. Whiskey Slaps is a game. Hillery can explain it to you.

 Spooky, smoky, sweet and saucy, old-time church, pre-war blues, traditional sounding originals with tight harmonies, sung by two fascinating females.