Progressive Bluegrass Band From
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based One Ton Pig melds the hard-luck singer-songwriter tradition of artists like Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Steve Earle with the dazzling musicality and imaginative genre-bending of jam band musicians for a fingerprint aesthetic that blurs the lines between folk, country, jazz, gospel, bluegrass, and rock'n'roll.

It's hard to believe that a band that just released its fourth critically-acclaimed record, played hundreds of shows, appeared at festivals, and topped regional polls, began as an accident. But nine years ago, Americana visionaries One Ton Pig were just two guys with no band contracted to play a bluegrass night at a local watering hole. "We started with no expectations," says primary singer-songwriter Michael Batdorf. "We made a pact for it to be a fun project, and to stop when we weren't having fun."

One Ton Pig is Michael Batdorf, guitar, vocals, main songwriter; Tim Farris, mandolin, vocals, co-songwriter; Justin Smith, guitar, vocals, co-songwriter; Matt Herron, violin; Andy Calder, bass; and Jason Baggett, drums.

One Ton Pig released their latest album, "Lastville," in June, 2015 to critical acclaim. Tracks for this release were recorded at Henhouse Studios with the renowned engineer Ben Winship, and they were done mostly live in the studio. The group decided to go this route in order to capture more of the "live" feel of their sows, for which they have become known. "Lastville" puts forth One Ton Pig's maturity as songwriters, performers, and artists.