Bluegrass Evanston Educational Initiatives

Bluegrass Evanston’s primary purpose is to raise money to support its educational initiatives by providing a top quality music festival for the citizens of Evanston and the surrounding area.

This event serves to meet BE's educational initiative, as well as support Economic Development in Evanston by encouraging cultural tourism.  Bluegrass!Evanton has four long-term funding objectives:

1.  Student Educational Exchange

To bring two students from the Ndatani School in Kenya to Evanston High School to study for one year. This has great potential to have a significant impact on our students by providing the opportunity for them to interact face to face with students from an impoverished region of the world and share culture.

2. Travel Scholarships

We will continue to maintain the connection between Evanston and Ndatani Village by taking periodic trips to Kenya to visit the school providing travel scholarships to Evanston students. Funds raised in subsequent years will be used to fund this part of the initiative.

3. Local Mentoring Program

As the local part of our educational initiative, we plan to establish a mentoring and scholarship program for struggling Evanston students, helping them to create a positive vision for their lives and, in turn, reach their goals. Funds will be used in subsequent years to meet this goal.

Finally, we assistied an EHS student with her senior project. Tristen Belnap attended the 2013 trip to Kenya and was so moved by a preschool we had visited, that she decided to raise money to construct a primary school in their village as her senior project, as well as learn how a nonprofit organization operates. She didn't quite raise enought to build a school, but we were able to help her donate $2500 to the Ndatani Secondary School for textbooks and materials.